Make a MiniChonker!


Create your own Minichonkified cat!


Create your own Minichonkified cat! Cast in resin from my own handsculpted meowdels, and handpainted with care.

1. Pick a fur colour!

  • Solid Colour
  • Two Colours (Tuxedo)
  • Custom (tabby/tortie/Bengal/seal or flame point) +£5 (These cost a little extra because the details take much longer to handpaint)

2. Pick the fur length 

  • Long Haired +£5
  • Short Haired
  • Sphynx coming soon…

3. Pick a model 

  • Sitting Pretty
  • Tongue Out Bleps

4. Send me a pic of your kitty to

I need pics of them front, back and side, so I can minichonkify them as accurately as possible and don’t forget to tell me their eye colour;)

5. Wait for your Minichonker to arrive!

Custom chonkers can take up to 3-4 weeks to make and ship, so if you have a deadline, let me know!

-Please note these are not toys and not safe for children to play with-

Additional information

Fur Colour

Solid Colour, Tuxedo, Tabby, Bengal, Siamese, Tortie, Calico

Hair Length

Long Haired, Short Haired


Sitting Pretty, Tongue Out


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